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Hello again, everyone.

Well before I continue, I'll just give you an update on what has happened. For nine days, including the day of my father's death, friends and family came together to remember him. It was not as quite somber as it was festive, having dinner parties each night.

On September 22nd, the funeral took place and he was finally put to rest.

Things seem to be settling down, and now is the time for healing...

As everyone heads home, I will try to continue on The List.

Oh on a side note, I also had a pleasant birthday, considering what happened.

I thank my family and all of you for your well wishes and condolences.

Take care everyone, and see you later.


The List (Starting June 2015)

:iconbutzpuff: - Haven't started yet
:icondevious-drake: - Complete!
:iconmeganekkoplymouth241: - Haven't started yet
:iconmorethannone: - Complete!
:iconmr-edge: - Complete!
:iconoverlordofkings: - Haven't started yet
:iconredvelveteater: - Color Stage!
:iconshake-zula: - Complete!
:iconslash-pseudo: - Haven't started yet
:iconuzumakiriki:- Haven't started yet
:iconyumeshunketsu777: - Complete! (GEOFF Version also ready!)

The Extra List

EXTRA! :iconhipoloboy: - Lining!

:iconsanzowest: - Awaiting Details

Commission Prices:

AU$30* for colored pieces with one character

AU$15* for lined pieces with one character

AU$8* for penciled pieces with one character

*Prices may change depending on:
- extra characters: $4 per character
- background: ranges from $5 to $10 depending on complexity

Comic Commission prices:

AU$35* per colored page

AU$24* per lined page

AU$12* per penciled page

*Prices may change depending on:
- extra characters: $4 per starring character
- setting: ranges from $4 to $8 depending on complexity

Some things to remember:

  • You need to have a PayPal account before contacting me about commissions. Sorry, I don't take points... In addition - I always ask for payment when the commission is finished and ready to go.
  • I will be constantly in touch with each stage of the commission (Concept, Pencil, Line, etc.) through notes - gotta make sure it's to your specifications. Be wary when the commission reaches the Line Stage, as there will be less room for drastic changes, barring a complete redo, which is possible.
  • These things do take me a little more time to make. Expect delays for at a month or two at least, though I'm not going to leave it for a year like last time! Not good for business!
  • The arrangement of The List is only alphabetical based on username. There is no determined order of which one I'll work on.



Hi everyone. I'm MostlyFunStuff. I usually dabble in pencil and vector stuff. Now before you venture further into my page, know this: The gallery mainly contains content of unusual sexual nature, but do not worry; you will not see anything too explicit here.

No, no. That stuff is located elsewhere... Want to know? Send me a note, and I'll tell you!

If you do not wish to continue, I have another userpage with my 'normal' stuff (Pbth! Even there, stuff deviates from 'normal', but anyway...) in here.

Current Residence: Some variety of house...
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice:


Paid For By Desperado Enforcement LLC by MostlyFunStuff
Paid For By Desperado Enforcement LLC
EDIT: With the help of a friend, I had her speech translated. She is French after all! Here's what she's saying:

"They truly do look and feel like the real thing!  ...Though this seems less practical; I’ll have to learn to grab weapons with my toes. Might there be an ulterior motive behind rebuilding my feet like this, hm?"

So I was in the middle of getting out of another drawing slowdown... and then with some help, I was told to color some things... And I juuust kept going, making an unusual choice: The Cold Wind of France, Mistral, who you fight in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Of course, if you've seen her in the game, you'd know I had to 'rebuild' her feet to make 'em good fetish material. It took a lot of convincing to pay for this rebuild...

... She's onto us, isn't she?

Character © KONAMI, PlatinumGames
Smooth As Velvet by MostlyFunStuff
Smooth As Velvet
... and cold as ice too, as this (human) version of Velvet has demonstrated. Heheh, wondering where she's from? She's one of the characters in Them's Fighting Herds, (I really hope it keeps that name!) which started out as an MLP fighter before legal troubles meant it had to be closed... Fortunately, it was brought back and redone in its own universe, with a cast of cute hoofed animals as the fighting roster. It's on IndieGoGo right now, and the team's looking for funds!

I saw the raw footage of Velvet, a reindeer from The Tundra nation, who has ice powers and I got unusually interested!

In drawing the human version, I did the usual, trying to keep her most recognisable features, like the mane of fur, and the ice-colored antlers(?), and in the vein of Equestria Girls, kept her skin the same color as the fur.

Aaand you know me, I couldn't resist doing something like this. Given that the character (seen in ice sculpture in the background!) looks quite wealthy and self-conscious, She would likely want whoever is watching to give those soles a good pampering...

Velvet © Mane6
Sexy Feet Auditions - Gem by MostlyFunStuff
Sexy Feet Auditions - Gem
Commissioned by :icondevious-drake:!

Jasmine's Notes:

Today's applicant was a cute mountain-trekking girl named Gem, on the suggestion of a friend, and as the process goes, we went through the usual tests:

After a photo shoot for the visual test, I had a good touch of her surprisingly soft big soles... and found they were immensely sensitive; I was lucky she didn't kick me off the bed! To ensure she stayed still, I tied her ankles together and put the rope to the frame of the studio bed - and boy did she rock the bed! Thankfully, Sexy Feet orders strong beds, as we expect our applicants, customers and even prospective investors sometimes like to get rough...

Anyway, she seemed to like the fun I had, so I decided on the taste test... and wow did her soles taste good! Something about the taste of nature mixed with a girl's feet made it appealing and very unique! And eheh, it tickled her even more, and I spotted the feather on her headband, a perfect tool for more fun!

Through all of these tests, Gem's become a promising candidate as a model. I'm going to arrange another meeting with her soon, and I might have a little more "testing" with her nice feet...

Gem © Devious-Drake
Jasmine © MFS
Scoli-Ped Fun
Commissioned by :iconyumeshunketsu777:!

And yes, there's a version on the GEOFF with the censor thing removed!

UPDATE: Okay, the uncensored version is ready!
This Journal will be useful for new visitors to HF, as this site doesn't allow for a direct link...

Heheh, so once more Natasha's four feet come in handy for lots of foot fetish fun for both. And given Natasha's not too ticklish, it must have taken some skill to make those big soles so sensitive! Though of course, Nat's skilled enough to move two of said feet to give the pup something back...

Yumes © Yumeshunketsu777
Natasha © MFS
Original Scolipede design © The Pokémon Company
Here Comes A New Foot-Challenger! by MostlyFunStuff
Here Comes A New Foot-Challenger!
Or not (at least not yet), since Laura wasn't supposed to be shown yet... Oops.

Anyway, yeah! Laura, presumably a grappling character from Brazil was accidentally revealed for Street Fighter V in some screens alongside Zangief. They're removed now, but you know me, the moment we see a new lovely pair of feet, I'm on it! Maybe her name might change or not, but still... Excited! Though Juri is clearly not feeling it, having to compete with a barefoot female newcomer like she used to be!

Character © CAPCOM

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Hi MFS! I heard what happened to your dad. I drew you something. Here it is:…

From one artist to another, I hope you like it!

LarcenTyler Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday Mostlyfunstuff!!

l hope and pray that you've had a very gr8 spectacular fun time with your friends and family, you definitely deserve a long break for making all of those amazing well drawing artworks that you yourself created out of determination, hard work, and patients.

With that being said, just keep on being your awesome self m8, you most certainly have my respect and blessing. (/^0^)/
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MostlyFunStuff, foot fetishist 'n artist dude! High-five!
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Good luck of 'fetishes,' and I hope you'll have a great b-day today!
I too am a foot fetishist, and I know all anime girls have beautiful 'n sexy ticklish feet! :P (Lick)
Also wishing you keep up the good work on all awesome foot fetish/tickling art 'n drawings! ;) (Wink)
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Comments by:
Your foot fetish buddy,
Nelson C.,
7:30 P.M.
Los Angeles, CA ;) (Wink)

Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got you five extra drawings, so...
believe it or not, five birthday muro drawing copies I made, of the three feet drawings, chibi Haruhi Suzumiya, and Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
Click on them:……………
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I've just read your journal, and I know things aren't at their best. It's hard to lose a parent...
I hope you feel better soon.
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I'm very sorry about your dad man. I hope you're feeling just a little bit better. 
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