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Take a look through here! A good number of these artists were my inspiration for coming onto dA as the second M.F.S - whether they know it or not!



Commissions are officially closed... for real now!

The Extra Commission Slot is now filled! Thank you again for sending it in.

In addition, I've added another thing to the Commission Prices... a Pencil Piece! If you buy a penciled piece, I'll do my best! Something satisfying about achieving a pic all with one tool...

Anyway! Have a good 'un!

The List (Starting September 2014)

--Bonus Slot has been filled! Thank you for sending your notes in!--
EXTRA! :iconhipoloboy:Haven't started yet!

:iconarchanasinfinitus: - Complete! Here's a preview!
:iconbig-olaf: - Done! Posted!
:iconh-reaper: - Haven't started yet!
:iconix3manganime: - Coloring!
:iconmeganekkoplymouth241: - Done! Posted!
:iconthunder-bolt: - Done! Posted!
:iconveilsixclaw: - Haven't started yet!
:iconyumeshunketsu777: - Done! Posted!
:iconz3r0g1g4: - Done! Keep an eye out on Z3R0G1G4's page for the finished art! (and I'll link it here too)

Commission Prices:

AU$30* for colored pieces with one character

AU$15* for lined pieces with one character

AU$8* for penciled pieces with one character

*Prices may change depending on:
- extra characters: $4 per character
- background: ranges from $5 to $10 depending on complexity

Comic Commission prices:

AU$35* per colored page

AU$24* per lined page

AU$12* per penciled page

*Prices may change depending on:
- extra characters: $4 per starring character
- setting: ranges from $4 to $8 depending on complexity

You need to have a PayPal account before contacting me about commissions. Sorry, I don't take points... In addition - I always ask for payment when it's finished and ready to go!
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Hi everyone. I'm MostlyFunStuff. I usually dabble in pencil and vector stuff. Now before you venture further into my page, know this: The gallery mainly contains content of unusual sexual nature, but do not worry; you will not see anything too explicit here.

No, no. That stuff is located elsewhere... Want to know? Send me a note, and I'll tell you!

If you do not wish to continue, I have another userpage with my 'normal' stuff (Pbth! Even there, stuff deviates from 'normal', but anyway...) in here.

Current Residence: Some variety of house...
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice:


Digital Goodness - Taylor X Angewomon by MostlyFunStuff
Digital Goodness - Taylor X Angewomon
Commissioned by :iconix3manganime:!

More Digi-Goodness! The original idea was Taylor having a lovely time with Angewomon's feet - but then... idea! What if Taylor was a Digimon of her own? Originally (again), it was going to be an existing one, but I thought she could be one I made! Introducing, the Spirit of the Machine: Gearmon! (Yes, it was inspired by Digimon Frontier, which was Season 4, I think) I'll show some sketches of how she was made a little later, but for now, enjoy this, as they have some private time.... and you'd notice Taylor's a lot bigger than her usual stature. Using the power of the Spirit can do that, heh.

Angewomon (C) Toei Animation
Taylor/Gearmon (C) MFS
GEOFF Preview: Vic's Guest by MostlyFunStuff
GEOFF Preview: Vic's Guest
Commissioned by ArchanasInfinitus!

Aaah, more stuff to show on the GEOFF! I've posted this and another thing a fairly short time ago, so I had to toss up these previews. This one stars Vic (an original character of mine; the guy in the blue shirt), Adam (the small blonde fellow), and Queen Selena, whom you've seen before.

These three frames are... eheh, the only ones I could ever show, as it's seriously NSFW! Hop on over to the GEOFF to see the full thing! (Instructions on accessing the GEOFF!) Also, be sure to use the 'Next Page/Previous' page links I embedded, as the penciled pages are in the Scraps folder.

Adam © ArchanasInfinitus
Vic, Selena © MFS
GEOFF Preview: My Goodness, We Were So Surprised! by MostlyFunStuff
GEOFF Preview: My Goodness, We Were So Surprised!
A neat idea with the help of :iconusethebrakes: ! And as this preview suggests, it can only be found on the GEOFF. (Instructions on accessing the GEOFF!)

Now whatever could be happening between Rosie and Missy? And what is Missy doing with those baby Pokémon? Heh, we'll you'll see...

Rosie © UseTheBrakes
Missy © MFS
PENCILED: The Masked Witch by MostlyFunStuff
PENCILED: The Masked Witch
(Huh, I've been in a Magical lady mood today), and now the other of the 'mask' themed pics!

I thought of this rather tall and dark lady a few days ago, and of course she has an amazonian build! (about 8 or 9 feet tall) Why? "Everyone has to have a pastime", she says... Anyway, this Masked Witch has her abilities from the mask she wears, and has a collection of them, each with their own special abilities.

Mmm, and her feet are of course lighter than her dark skin, and has a nice wide and smooth shape. She's already familiar with fetishes (the magic item as well as the kinky sort!), so she would be OK with someone appreciating them.

Oh, and don't touch that mask. Those muscles aren't there for nothing!

Character (C) MFS
Always In Another Castle... by MostlyFunStuff
Always In Another Castle...
... It's Wonder-Princess!

Name: Peach Toadstool
Birthplace: Mushroom Kingdom
Assigned to: Mushroom Kingdom

Weapon: Shroom Gauntlets

A recent addition (or perhaps volunteer) to the Wonderful Ones, Peach took this opportunity to help others as her assigned location's current protector! She works alongside her friends sometimes (you may see them later!)

While it is incredibly obvious of who she is, thanks to the tech of the Wonder Mask (which scrambles photos and messes with people's facial recognition when they see her) Wonder Princess can go fighting evil in familiar clothes, and look pretty while doing so! Her Shroom Gauntlets have the power of Super Mushrooms, amplifying punches to 10000 times her strength!

Why yes, another Platinum-themed fanart (And the theme of this next set of October pics is 'masks'! You'll see the other one soon).

So yeah! I'm pretty sure other people have done something like this, so I'm just putting my own contribution! The phrase on the picture is pretty much the invocation to transform, like "Wonder-Eyes... Something!"

Like I said, there's actually two others, which I haven't yet colored, but for now, I wanted to do my favourite!

Peach © Nintendo
The Wonderful 101 © Nintendo/PlatinumGames

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